New in Delphi 10.4: Redesigned Code Insight

What do we mean by Code Insight? First, some background. If you’re familiar with Code Insight, skip ahead… Code Insight is our name for a set of IDE productivity features in the editor. For the purposes of this blog post, those features are: Code Completion: the dropdown list box that predicts what you want to type.Continuar lendo “New in Delphi 10.4: Redesigned Code Insight”

Upgrading Delphi software, the smart way

This year (2020) Delphi celebrates its 25th anniversary. In those 25 years an enormous amount of code has been written. Many of these applications are still in full use by companies and individuals. This shows the power of Delphi; code written decades ago still works, even in the latest Delphi versions. Still, there are someContinuar lendo “Upgrading Delphi software, the smart way”

FastReport MVP?

Isso mesmo, nessa foto estou ao lado de Michael Philippenko CEO da FastReport e no evento em questão ele me convidou a ser seu primeiro MVP. A partir de agora tenho acesso as novidades, roadmap com antecedência, além de participar de eventos, e também poder ministrar treinamentos. Em breve estarei gravando alguns treinamentos on-line. OutraContinuar lendo “FastReport MVP?”