When Migrating to FireDAC, You Must Understand UpdateMode
Let’s start with a little history lesson. When Delphi first shipped it had one data access framework, the Borland Database Engine (BDE). While the BDE was a breakthrough product in its early years, providing a fast, independent, and easy-to-use data access layer, it was cumbersome to install, used a lot of network bandwidth, and had limited support for remote database servers. Over time, it became increasingly obsolete.

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Instalando o FireDac no RAD STUDIO XE3

Nosso mestre Marco Cantú esta preparando uma série de vídeos e artigos sobre o FireDac, para iniciar a série ele começou publicando um passo-a-passo de como instalar o FireDac. Vamos a ele então. Para instalarmos o FireDac separadamente, ou seja para os que ja tem o RAD STUDIO instalado, basta fecharmos o RAD Studio eContinuar lendo “Instalando o FireDac no RAD STUDIO XE3”