Fast programming, TIPS, TRICKS, and TECHNIQUES

Fast programming, TIPS, TRICKS, and TECHNIQUES

You’re invited to join the software development experts at Embarcadero each Tuesday and Thursday for Developer Skill Sprints – 20 minute online live tutorials on software development for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

June 17 Create and consume a custom REST API
June 19 Push a notification from your Windows app to your mobile apps with Kinvey BaaS
June 24 Manage user accounts and storage with Parse BaaS
June 26 Create a tablet specific VCL Windows app
July 1 Talk to GPS and accelerometer on your Windows tablet with VCL
July 3 Integrate More iOS with an Objective-C Call in your App
July 8 Integrate More Android with a JNI Call to your Android App
July 10 Add Voice Commands to Launch your Google Glass Apps
July 15 Use the Database Explorer with FireDAC
July 17 Deploy To Apache
July 22 Add Screen Reader Support to your FireMonkey Desktop App for Accessibility
July 24 Add In-app Purchase to your Mobile App
July 29 Find C++ 11 References Across your Entire Project

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