Developing Native Google Glass Apps

Developing Native Google Glass Apps

Google has two APIs / SDKs available in Developer Preview or Sneak Peek status for working with Google Glass. The first is the Google Glass Mirror API, which is a cloud based RESTful interface for sending “cards” to the Google Glass timeline from remote servers. The second is the Glass Development Kit, which builds onto the Android SDK for developing apps that run directly on Glass. These apps can also take advantage of the Android NDK to incorporate native code. Since it builds on the Android SDK, you don’t need it for native app development, but it does expose some nice additional features.

Appmethod and RAD Studio from Embarcadero Technologies support Android app development, including support for native Google Glass apps. You can use your choice of C++ or Object Pascal programming languages. The support is based on both the Android SDK and NDK. Once the Android ADB driver is loaded for Google Glass, you can target it just like any other Android device. This article walks through the ins and outs of Google Glass development with RAD Studio. The demos in this article are in Object Pascal and refer to RAD Studio, but everything you see here also works with C++, or the individual C++Builder and Delphi products (with the Mobile Add-On Pack). Likewise, most of this will work with Appmethod as well. You can download a free 30-day license for RAD Studio or Appmethod to follow along with the steps in this article.
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