Developing Native Google Glass Apps

Google has two APIs / SDKs available in Developer Preview or Sneak Peek status for working with Google Glass. The first is the Google Glass Mirror API, which is a cloud based RESTful interface for sending “cards” to the Google Glass timeline from remote servers. The second is the Glass Development Kit, which builds ontoContinuar lendo “Developing Native Google Glass Apps”

Apple irá transmitir ao vivo a Keynote de abertura da WWDC 2014

Agindo um pouco diferente do que estamos acostumados, a Apple dessa vez resolveu anunciar com uma semana de antecedência que irá fazer a transmissão completa do evento principal do dia 2 de Junho. A keynote de abertura da WWDC está marcada para começar as 10h da manhã em São Francisco, 14h horário de Brasília. ParaContinuar lendo “Apple irá transmitir ao vivo a Keynote de abertura da WWDC 2014”

C++ Mobile Day – June 4th

Embarcadero is hosting a full day online conference focused on C++ mobile development.Embarcadero is hosting a full day online conference focused on C++ mobile development. The full day conference is free to attend and will take place on June 4th. It will cover Android and iOS development using C++, and also writing single source applicationsContinuar lendo “C++ Mobile Day – June 4th”

RAD Studio Reporting with Fast Reports

See what’s new with FastReport and FastCube VCL and FMX You’re invited to join Embarcadero with Fast Reports’ Michael Philippenko and Den Zubov for two new webinars on reporting for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder developers. Webinar 1: New Report Generator for Delphi FastReport VCL 5 Thursday, May 22, 2014 6AM San Francisco / 9AMContinuar lendo “RAD Studio Reporting with Fast Reports”

Developing for the Ouya Set Top Game System with RAD Studio

Game app created with RAD Studio running on the Ouya Set Top Game System. See for the full webinar replay and to download example source code. Part of the Making the Connection: Programming Devices and Gadgets with RAD Studio webinar featuring Jim McKeeth and David Intersimone.

RAD in Action: Build Connected Multi-Device Apps using BaaS

Take your applications to new heights by integrating with leading Back-end as a Service (BaaS) providers to add functionality and platform services to your mobile and desktop applications. David I will show you how to gain easy access to common services in the cloud without having to build or maintain the back-end services yourself. TopicsContinuar lendo “RAD in Action: Build Connected Multi-Device Apps using BaaS”