Get these bonuses with your purchase of RAD Studio XE6, Delphi XE6, or C++Builder XE6!

Get these bonuses with your purchase of RAD Studio XE6, Delphi XE6, or C++Builder XE6!

TMS Modern Windows UI Pack

Get a set of components for developing modern looking and highly attractive Windows VCL applications. The UI Pack includes TMS Smooth Controls, TMS Metro Controls and TMS W7 Controls.

VCL Premium Style Pack

Customize the look of your VCL Windows applications with three premium styles included in this style pack. Choose from the dark Jet style, or the two lighter variants, Diamond and Sterling, to change the look of your application.

FireMonkey Premium Style Pack

Customize your multi-device applications with three premium FireMonkey styles. Choose from Jet, Sterling or Diamond styles, optimized for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android application development.

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RAD Studio XE6 First Look Webinar On-Demand

RAD Studio XE6 First Look Webinar On-Demand

RAD Studio XE6 is a must-have upgrade for all developers whether you’re developing for Windows or for the latest mobile devices and wearables. Get RAD Studio, C++Builder or Delphi XE6 now to:

Modernize and extend your Windows applications with new VCL styles, new taskbar and sensor components, and create connected companion apps
Take your mobile apps to the next level by integrating cloud-based BaaS services including authentication and push notifications, and monetize your mobile apps with in app purchasing and advertising
Develop for Android and wearables with Delphi and C++
Create Android and iOS apps with both Delphi and C++, and even target Google Glass!
And that’s just the start. XE6 includes hundreds of enhancements to core features like the RTL and FireDAC data access, 64-bit packages for C++, DirectX 11, Apache and a focus on quality and performance for the best development and runtime experience.
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RAD in Action: VCL Developer’s Guide to RAD Studio XE6

RAD in Action: VCL Developer's Guide to RAD Studio XE6

Featuring Marco Cantù, Embarcadero

Get an in depth look at what’s new for Windows and VCL application development in XE6

Join Embarcadero’s Marco Cantu to learn how to modernize your Windows applications with new styles, components, database connectivity and app tethering in Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE6.

Learn tips and tricks from the experts and how to:

Give your applications a new look with VCL styles, now with menu styling, and build modern looking Windows applications.

Extend your Windows desktop applications with mobile companion apps using the new app tethering components
Add GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer features to your Windows applications
Make database application development fun again with FireDAC
Use the new Taskbar component to add interactive taskbar previews to your apps
Explore other nice features added to the VCL (and RTL) in XE6.

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Don’t miss out on this informative webinar that will be filled with demos and a live Q&A session. If you can’t attend one of the live sessions, register anyway to get access the replay as soon as it’s available.

Windows has come a long way since the days of XP. Now is the time to bring your Windows applications into the future as your users and customers move off unsupported Windows XP and migrate to Windows 7 and 8.1. This webinar will teach you how.

Using sensors in the VCL in Delphi XE6

One of the new features for the VCL XE6 is a availability of components for sensors.
Now, opening the Tool Palette in VCL project, you will see three new components on the Sensors tab. You may have already used them in your FM applications, then you can begin to use them and VCL. No changes, only one restriction – VCL applications only for windows. If you have a Windows tablet with sensors you can try to make your application more user-friendly and comfortable.
Two tips
– Setup on your tablet PAServer for windows. It make your work more comfortable.
– Try configure remote access to tablet. Usually on the tablet is preinstalled Windows without RDP, but you can use remote assistant, which greatly facilitates the development and debugging.
If you have never used the sensors in FM you should know that each component provides access to one sensor from the list (category). For example, TMotionSensor allows you to connect to the following sensors: accelerometer, motion detector, gyroscope, speedometer. It depends on the model of the tablet.

Let’s begin!
I have a tablet which has a compass. What should I do to use it?
Put TOrientationSensor on the VCL form. Select Events tab in the Object Inspector and create an event OnSensorChoosing. This event allows you to define what we are going to use the sensor. The compass code can be as follows:

procedure TForm5.osCompassSensorChoosing(Sender: TObject; const Sensors: TSensorArray; var ChoseSensorIndex: Integer);
  I : integer;
  for I := 0 to Length(Sensors) - 1 do
    if (Sensors[I] as TCustomOrientationSensor).SensorType = TOrientationSensorType.Compass3D then
      ChoseSensorIndex := I;

You can see what I have called component osCompass.
Nothing complicated. Just looping through the array and returns the index of the first sensor, which is a compass.
We want to get the azimuth? Activate the sensor value and try get value:

osCompass.Active := True;
LAzimuth := osCompass.Sensor.CompMagHeading;

Or other property, that supported by the sensor. The set of supported properties stored in AvailableProperties


Then you can add TTimer and periodically poll the sensor or ask it if necessary when you need.