CodeRage C++ is coming February 25-26, 2014!

CodeRage C++ is coming February 25-26, 2014!

Join Embarcadero and software development experts from around the world at CodeRage – the totally free, totally technical, online conferences dedicated to technology and development.

CodeRage C++ Conference topics to include:

Multi-device development for Windows, Mac and mobile
Tips, tricks and techniques for VCL and the FM platform
FireDAC data connectivity
Making the move to mobile
Platform APIs and platform services
Hardware devices and sensors
Connecting to databases from desktop and mobile devices
Multi-tier application development with DataSnap, InterBase and REST
Development best practices
Optimizing mobile user experience
Success stories
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Addressing the Challenges of Managing Enterprise Data

Addressing the Challenges of Managing Enterprise Data

With many organizations seeing 25 percent year-on-year data growth, and with data becoming more diverse and updated more frequently, the role of data management professionals has become increasingly complex. Data management professionals face three distinct challenges:

Improving and managing data quality
Leveraging enterprise data as an organizational asset
Clearly and effectively communicating data throughout an organization

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Creating an InterBase database on the fly with FireDAC

Creating an InterBase database on the fly with FireDAC

Recently I have been creating a number of applications using InterBase on iOS and Android using FireDAC components to talk to the database. One route to achieving this is by create the database file and table structure either via iSQL or using IBConsole GUI first before using it in your project. Once you have the database file (which is simple enough to do) you then have to deploy the file along with the application using the deployment wizard. This all adds a little size to the application package initially along with some extra configuration.
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Stackoverflow em Português!

Stackoverflow em Português!

Olá, Mundo! Announcing Stack Overflow in Portuguese..
Depois de semanas em beta privado, nós temos o prazer de anunciar que hoje vai ao ar o nosso primeiro Stack Overflow internacional. E não se trata de um clone em português do site original, mas sim de uma comunidade completamente nova. Uma comunidade que vai poder decidir como ela quer ser, e como vai poder ajudar os desenvolvedores de língua portuguesa.

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Pull to Refresh on iOS

Pull to Refresh on iOS

Today, I thought I would show you a simple example of how to implement pull to refresh for TListView. This example doesn’t use a data source, but instead just adds 20 items to my list every time I try to refresh it. I am currently using one timer with this sample, but you could add another one for when the data is done loading to hide the animation at that time.

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