Fun with FireMonkey Gradients

Fun with FireMonkey Gradients

Everybody loves colours. Great apps should use colours in clever and original ways. I have been recently spending a lot time using Delphi XE5 for designing screens for mobile apps and must admit that I really like the way how iOS 7 is using colours and gradients. There are a lot of interesting information about iOS user interface design best practices at “iOS 7 Design Resources – iOS Human Interface Guidelines”.

Gradients look especially cool. It is so easy to use C++ or Delphi with FireMonkey framework to build great apps that are using gradients. Before going into the details let’s get started with something super simple.

Start Delphi XE5. File, New, “FireMonkey Mobile Application – Delphi”. Select “Blank Application” template. Click OK and then “Save All”.
Drop “TRectangle” on the form and align it to occupy the whole screen by setting its “Align” property in the Object Inspector to “alClient”.
Expand “Fill” property of the rectangle and change its “Kind” subproperty to “bkGradient”.
Here we are. We have a nice grey gradient in our mobile Delphi FireMonkey app!

Click on the image and see all article.


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